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Shandong Fulcrum Technology Co.,LTD.山东支点信息科技有限公司
Office: 办公室:
Room No.421, Creative Building, Haichuan Road,
High-Tech Zone, Jining, Shandong,China
Tel: +86-537-2289998 电话:0537-2289998
Fax: +86-537-2289959 传真:0537-2289959 邮箱
International Service Dep: 国际服务部:
Linda Fu: +86-170 5102 6627 付小平:170 5102 6627
Email: 邮箱
Domestic Marking Dep: 国内市场部:
Gaoting: +86-151 6678 3104 高经理: 151 6678 3104
Email: 邮箱:
Chen Min: +86-170 5102 1699 陈经理: 170 5102 1699
Email: 邮箱
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