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Raw material:PC, PMMA, PET Place of Origin:Qingdao
Condition: New Loading Port:Qingdao
Product description:PMMA, PC, PET Sheet/Board Production Line PC sheet production line,PMMA sheet making machine
Qingdao Xinquan Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd
Company type: Manufacturer Credit:
Main products:Plastic Machinery
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1.Machine Instruction of PET, PMMA Sheet Production Line

The PET transparent sheet production line is specially designed for the APET, PET single or multi-layer sheets, it can also produce the PS, PP, PE sheet when after change some relative parts, it is a multi-functional production line.

PMMA transparent sheet line is specialized in manufacture of PMMA solid sheet and embossed sheet. The products thickness vary from 0.8-10mm, and max width up to 2100mm.

2.Technical Parameters

Main Extruder Screw Dia120mm130mm75mm (Twin Screw)120130
Main Extruder Screw L/D 33:133:144:136:136:1
Main Extruder drive160kw200kw160kw-250kw185kw250kw
Co-extruder Screw Dia.65mm75mm65mm or 75mm45mm45mm
Co-extruder Screw L/D 33:133:133:130:130:1
Co-extruder drive37kw45kw37kw or 45kw22KW22KW
Sheet Thickness0.15mm-1.2mm0.8-8mm1.5-10mm
Sheet Width560mm-1500mm1000-1560mm1220-2100mm
Max. Extrusion capacity350kg/h500kg/h350kg/h-800kg/h420kg/h600kg/h
Installation power250kw320kw200kw-400kw180kw250kw

3.PMMA, PET, PC Sheet Products Features

a) Impact-resistant , unbreakable: Strength in excess of tempered glass , acrylic board hundreds of times , tough security , burglar , bullet-proof effect

b) circular arch, bending: Good workability , plasticity, bent into a vaulted , semicircular pattern according to the actual needs of the construction site

c) Light material, easy to carry: half weight of the glass, Province to handling and install, the construction easy to manage.   

d) resistance to elements, lighting advantages : long-term anti- UV , Particularly good lighting effects, reduce the amount of energy costs

e) Ultra-transparent , super-insulating: Transparency is almost like glass , self-extinguishing, the best lighting and fireproof material

4.Product Application

*The PET sheets are mainly used to thermoforming machine or injection molding machine to produce packages box and containers for for food, milk, medicines, meat, cosmetics, etc.

*PMMA sheet is widely used in both transparent and the Advertising building materials: Garden, the recreation place, decoration a urban building; transparent container of aviation, the windscreen in the corridor pavilion; Internal and external ornaments in the commercial building, curtain wall of the modern front of the motorcycle, the plane, the train, the steamer, the submarine, army and polices shield, the telephone booth, advertising signpost, the advertisement of the lamp houses, the expressway and overhead way of the city partition protective screen.

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