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Raw material:EVA, TPU, PP, PE Place of Origin:Qingdao
Condition: New Loading Port:Qingdao
Product description:EVA, TPU PP, PE Wide Geotexile (Geomembrane) Production Line PP, PE geotexile production line
Qingdao Xinquan Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd
Company type: Manufacturer Credit:
Main products:Plastic Machinery
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1.Main technical parameters

Suitable fabrics
Geotexile plastic woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics
With of mouldmm3300450063008300
Laminate layers
one fabric one film; two fabrics one film; waterproof sheet
Thickness of laminating filmmm0.2-2.5
Waterproof sheet thicknessmm0.5-2.5
Motor of extruderkw75-250
Embossing roller sizemm400500600800
Max. compound widthmm3000400060008000
Cooling method
Circulating water cooling

2. Features of Plastic TPU, EVA, PVC Wide Geotexile (Geomembrane) Production Line

It is a complete production line adopting calendering compound process to put the plastic material such as LDPE, PP, PVC, EVA into extruder and then to calendering machine, cooling system and winding. The line is applied to produce monolayer or multilayer compound film for all kinds of geotexile, non-woven fabric, weaving fabric. Also it can produce geotexile products.

The Polythene and polypropylene fiber composite water-proof coiled sheet production line is mainly used to the construction field; the machine has the characteristic of innovative design, advanced technology and higher automation, it can produce the common model 300-500g/m2, and the high-grade model 600-800g/m2. It is the national standard environment protection equipment, the products have strong competitive market, and now they become more and more popular in China.

3. Features of EVA, TPU, PE, PVC wide water-proof Geotexile Geomembrane

a) High tensile strength and elongation, strong adaptability of telescopic deformation or cracking at the grass-roots level;

b) The coil is wide, good weldability and the use of advanced hot air welding technology, even after several years of weathering can still be welding, weld is firm and reliable.

c) Good water diffusivity, condensate and moisture stays at the grass-roots level is easy to be discharged

d) Root penetration resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion and ageing.

e) Good low temperature flexibility and heat resistance, it still maintain good flexibility at low temperature 20 ℃. It won't appear flowing phenomenon at high temperature.

f) Cold construction, high mechanization degree, easy to operate

4. Product Application

a) Applicable to the landfill and sewage waste treatment, tailings storage and underground construction projects Environmental sanitation engineering: such as domestic waste landfill, sewage treatment, dump toxic hazardous substances, dangerous goods warehouse, industrial wastes, construction and demolition waste, etc.

B) Water conservancy civil engineering: river lake reservoir dam seepage prevention, flood protection, reinforcement, canal seepage control, vertical wall, slope protection, etc.

c) Landscaping: artificial lake, pond, the pond bottom line of the golf course, slope protection, etc.

d) Petrochemical: chemical plants, oil refineries, gas station oil tank seepage control, chemical reaction pool, sedimentation tank lining and secondary lining)

e) Mining Industry: wash pool, pool heap leaching, heap ash pond, dissolved, tailings pond, sedimentation tank, storage yard low lining seepage control, etc.

f) Traffic facility project: highway foundation reinforcement, seepage prevention of culvert;

g) Agriculture: reservoir, drinking pool, seepage irrigation systems)

h) Aquaculture: fish ponds, shrimp ponds lining, etc.

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