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1.What is the PVC elastic floor sheet? (Instruction)

The PVC elastic floor is commonly called as plastic floor sheet, imitation stone floor sheet, etc. Use PVC as the main material, it is a new generation floor decoration products afterwards the carpet, wooden floor panel and marbles.

2.Advantages of PVC Elastic Floor

a) Non-toxic and environment friendly:

The main material is PVC resins and non-radioactive marble powder. The materials are non-toxic, pollution-free, Zero formaldehyde, environment protection and recyclable.

b) Light in weight and thin: the thickness of PVC elastic floor is only 2-3mm thick, the weight is only 2-5KG/M2

Only 10% of the common floor products, this is a great advantage to reduce the huge bearing to high buildings and save space.

c) Anti-wear, anti-scratch: the surface of the composite plastic floor is a transparent anti-wear layer than under special treatment, the wear-resisting can reach to 200,000 rounds, while the common floor material is only 13,000, and the best quality strengthened floor can reach to 20,000.00. The PVC floor is uniform from the top to the bottom and the texture and color is same, it can not get damaged only when the PVC floor is abraded through, so it is super anti-wear.

d) High elastic and high shock resistance: The PVC elastic floor is soft, therefore, it is elastic recovery, which can greatly reduce the hurts of slipping off, and will not cause damage when faces the heavy shocks.

e) Skid resistance: it has the features of getting hard-going when meet water, so even people falling down carelessly, it won’t cause too much hurts to people, very suitable to the places of elderly and children

f) Anti-fire: the PVC elastic floor can reach to B1 level of fire prevention; this is the highest anti-fire level.

g) Water-proof: the main material is plastic, so the floor is water-proof.

h) Sound absorption: the PVC elastic floor can absorb the noises of 20db, so it is very suitable to the quiet places such as hospitable, school library, lecture hall, etc.

i) Antibiosis: the surface of the PVC floor is under special antibiosis treatment, can kill most of the bacteria/

j) Small seam and seamless welding: the special textured floor pieces are installed strictly, the seam is very small, almost invisible, the floor in wide rolls uses seamless welding technology, this is suitable to high requirement decoration places such as working offices, and hospitals that have high sterilization requirement.

k) Easy installation: it can be cut freely by the art knife, and can be combined with different colors to reach ideal decoration result; the PVC floor and be installed directly on the flat ground, no need cements or sands.

l) Abundant colors and textures: the color and textures are abundant, such as stone like floor, wood texture like floor, etc, the texture matched with the colorful decoration strips turns into splendid result.

m) Easy cleaning and maintaining: Use wet mob can easily clean the floor.

n) Environment friendly and recyclable: the plastic floor is the only product can use the recycled material, which has great senses to product our environment and the natures.

o) The feet feel comfortable: the PVC elastic floor can make the feet feel comfortable, no cold feeling.

Therefore, it is predictable that in the near future, the PVC elastic floor will become a preferred floor decoration material.

3.Application of PVC Elastic floor

Application range: various places such as bus station, subway, train station, city area, shopping malls, science and technology museum, cinemas and theatres, airports, hotels, hospitals, schools, playgrounds, factories, etc. Many factories produce the rolling floor according to the home users’ requirement to the comfort level.

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