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Raw material:PC Place of Origin:Qingdao
Condition: New Loading Port:Qingdao
Product description:This production line is used to produce the PC hollow grid sheet line. PC finished sheet width 1220-2100mm, thickness: 2-25mm. PC Hollow Grid Sheet Production Line
Qingdao Xinquan Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd
Company type: Manufacturer Credit:
Main products:Plastic Machinery
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1.The Machine

This production line is used to produce the PC hollow grid sheet line. PC finished sheet width 1220-2100mm, thickness: 2-25mm.

Main machines of the production line:

Extruder: special venting type design, advanced PLC temperature control system to ensure that plastic sound and high-yield stability in plastics extrusion.

Screen Changer: optional hydraulic quick changer device, so that the process of changing network quickly and efficiently; duplex and special sealing structure, and ensuring stability for network devices.

Mould: mould made of high-quality alloy steel with high activity of the throttling device, so the distribution of material flow in the die pressure is uniform; the upper and lower lips of die is of differential regulation, ensures a uniform thickness from top to bottom.

Vacuum forming stand: forming system with a fast heat exchange cooling system, and with vacuum system, an effective staggered, sequential distribution to guarantee the accuracy of the sheet’s shape.

Vacuum system consists of two independent sub-structure, each subsystem equipped with a fixed number of three-loop vacuum lines, each carrying a fixed cycle of both the vacuum-conditioning system and vacuum display system, thus making the surface of vacuum plate uniform and stable.

2.Main technical parameter

Model of extruderPC SJ-120/36 SJ-45/30PC SJ-100/36 SJ-45/30
Power of main motor185KW/22KW132KW/18.5KW
Product width1600-2100mm1300-1600mm
Product thickness2-25mm2-20mm

3.Application of PC Hollow Grid Sheets

*PC Hollow sheet is widely used as sun proof ceilings of office building, hall, market, stadium, recreation center and public facilities; weather shed of bus station, summer house, and corridor of lounge hall; Safe sun-proof ceilings of airport and factories, velarium of modernized agriculture, livestock breeding industry and indoor swimming pools; noise barrier on high way and elevated road in cities, advertisement billboard, lighting box and exhibition decoration; partition wall between office and living room, and between bathroom and toilet.



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