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Raw material: Place of Origin:Wuhu
Condition: New Loading Port:
Product description:
Wuhu Hengyi Plastic Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Company type: Manufacturer Credit:
Main products:plastic woven bags production equipment, circular loom, woven sacks printing machine, woven bags making machine, tape extruder, lamination machine, cutting and sewing machine
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Product Description:

Basic Info.

Model NO.:SBY Series

Precision:High Precision


Certification:ISO9001: 2000




Warranty:1 Year

Type:Shuttle Loom

Quantity of Shuttles:6 PCS

Weaving Width:160~800mm

Quantity of Warps:720 PCS

Speed of Main Engine:135~155r/Min

Weaving Speed ( Meters Per Hour):121~139

Power of Main Engine:3kw

Max Diameter of Weft Roller:90mm

Speed Regulated Method:Inverter



Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.


Packing:Export Standard Wooden Case

Standard:ISO9001; 2008


Production Capacity:80 Sets Per Month

Product Description

It's the newest PP woven bag weaving product. On the basis of second type circular loom, it adopts advanced transducer and digital technology to improve the drive and lifting structure of circular loom. So it's up to automatization and intelliengtized achievement. Also this is the neswest type circular loom in China, take the pale frame and rolling column structure, no oil-leaking and no attriction, it is high efficiency. After we follow innovation on this machine, now the machine can weave 10000 meters cloth only cost 200 kw/h power. Its power consumption index has reach the top in China.
1. Digital lifting device
2. Transducer
3. Six shuttle
4. Lowest noisy
5. Weaving speed is 50% faster than traditional four-shuttle circular loom, the output production is more than 3000 meters.
6. Reducing the power consumptions. Both the II and III can reduce the power consumption more than 50% comparing with the traditional 4 shuttles loom machines.
7. Lower spare parts cost, compare with the traditional four shuttle circular loom, our looms spare parts cost is very low, redue the spare parts cost, reduce the times of machine shut down and improve the work efficiency.
8. Lower labor required, after our technician trained your workers, one worker can operate six sets circular loom. It is very easy to operate this machine.

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