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Raw material:PE Place of Origin:Qingdao
Condition: New Loading Port:Qingdao
Product description:It is equipped with special designed extruder used for polyolefin, has higher extrusion speed, higher plasticization. PE Carbon Spiral Pipe Production Line
Qingdao Xinquan Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd
Company type: Manufacturer Credit:
Main products:Plastic Machinery
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1. Features of PE Carbon Spiral Pipe Machines

It is equipped with special designed extruder used for polyolefin, has higher extrusion speed, higher plasticization. Special designed calibrating cooling mode: product sizes: 50-200mm, excellent design of the low temperature meting makes a small internal stress and smooth surface of the pipes. High flexibility: it is able to co-extrude all kinds of PE pipes ( two-layer, three-layer or four-layer).There is cooper pre-cooling calibrating sleeve equipped at the entrance, suitable to high speed extrusion of pipes. Longitudinal shifting motor regulation realizes three dimensional adjustments. High efficiency water pump and special designed spray nozzles result in a high efficiency cooling purpose.

2. Features of PE Carbon Spiral Reinforcing Pipe

The shape of pipes is special spiral type; it can easily avoid the obstacles and convenient construction. The length of the pipe is made according to customer’s requirement which reduces the connectors, speed up the installation process and simplify the maintenance. The PE spiral pipes are very light, easy for transportation and reduces the label intensity; high strength, the special spiral physical shape can bear large compressive strength, will not get deformed when under the earth; anti-corrosion, have long service life; have low installation cost.

3. Technical Parameters

Extruder SJ-90/30BSJ-65/30B
Calibrating water tankSGZL-200SGZL-125

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