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Raw material: Place of Origin:Qingdao
Condition: New Loading Port:Qingdao
Product description:Plastic Crushers Plastic Crushers, plastic crushing machine, plastic crusher
Qingdao Xinquan Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd
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Main products:Plastic Machinery
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1.The machine

This series crusher is mainly used in crushing various plastics and rubber such as plastic profile, pipe, stick, wires, film, and wasted rubber products. The granules can be directly supplied for extrusion and injection.

SWP-450 typed plastic crusher is the ideal equipment for the recovery of large profiles and pipes. It has large crushing ability and high output. Its working performance is stable. And it is matched with automatic material feeder which largely improves the machine’s automation degree.

SWP-630 typed plastic crusher is the vacuum container which is used in the crushing of large scaled plastics. It is special equipment for large head materials and plate materials.


Adopting deafened low in noise;

Adopting removable bits which can be separately removed and sharpened after getting blunt.

Suitable for smashing all kinds of soft, hard and foamed plastics.

3.Main Technical Parameters

ModelRotary dia of knife’s (mm)Rotary knife (pcs)Fixed knife (pcs) Sieve (mm)Crushing Granularity (mm)Crushing capacity kg)Match power (kw)Overall size (mm ) Machine Weight (kg)
1001002262-430-501.5560 x370 x925
160160 6 26–10 2–6 100–150 3790x490x1175300
260260 3 26–10 2–6 150–200 4800x640x1450 300
360360 3 26–10 3–8 350–500 111600x1100x 14601000
400400 5 26–10 3–8 200–400 112200 x 900 x 18001500
45045092103-8250-400222180x1020 x1810 1500
630630 60 610 3–9 700–800 302700x1300 x2860 3500
800800104103-8600-1000551900 x1500 x35005500

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