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Raw material:HDPE ,PE Place of Origin:Changzhou
Condition: New Loading Port:shanghai
Product description:It's suitable for manufacturing raschel bag ,it cnan also produce shade net after repalcing some spare parts.
changzhou wujin yongguang machinery co.,ltd
Company type: Manufacturer Credit:
Main products:shade net knitting machine ,raschel bag knitting machine,multibar lace raschel knitting machine
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.It's suitable for manufacturing raschel bag . raw material is PE,HEPE .

Machine Specifications:


JBZ216 double bar packing bag knitting machine


It's suitable for manufacturing raschel bag for potato , onion , garlic , apple ,ect. This machine can also manufacture shade nets.

one machine has two applications.

Suitable material

HDPE ,polypropylene ,polyester ,nylon and ect.


Raschel Double needle bar Warp Knitting Machine

Needle type

Latch needle


E2 /E3(Needles/Inch)

Working width


Number of guide bars

9 pcs (5 pattern guide bars and 4 ground guide bars) 4 pcs of ground comb are used for weaving the surface of front and back bag,1 pcs of pattern comb is used for connecting the surface of front and back bag,2 pcs of pattern comb do not move and are used for binding off yarn of the surface of front and back bag,2 pcs of pattern comb are used for front and back covering yarn.

Let -off mechanism

2 pcs of guide comb for weaving front and back sheet cloth and 2 pcs of guide comb for abb lining, i.e.4 pcs of ground comb adapt 3-roll roller for active letoff,5 pcs of pattern comb is used for passive let-off.

Batching Device

Free-standing batching device,with max. take-up diameter1200mm

Max. speed of main shaft

working speed 150~600rpm,inching speed 15rpm

Drive motor:

Main drive motor is 5.5kw, with frequency control ,slow speed motor is 0.55kw,



Machine size(mm):




Production Capacity



one machine need one operator


Knitting machine is packed in port container,

spare parts and control box are packed in cartons.


45 days after receipt of your deposit


We can provide service and support for you specially

A full factory planning solution

Technology and Quality Control

Employee training: we accept staffs and workers training in China, but the accommodation ,eat and round-trip ticket should be afford by the buyer.

After-sales service of machines:The supplier is responsible for installation and debugging.

Main and Key material supply

.Machine Advantage :

1.Simple structure, Operate Conveniently.

2.With automatic stop system

3.Cam drive ,stable performance

4.The main motor adopts conversion control , stepless Speed Regulating

5. Standard Fittings .

6. With a heavier weight and lower center of the gravity to ensure good safety performance 7.Smaller vibration noise

8.Adopt CAM to drive the needle bed , which guarantee the running stability of the machine

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