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Raw material: Place of Origin:Qingdao
Condition: New Loading Port:qingdao
Product description:PET/PP round filament Extrusion line PET_PP round filament Extrusion line, broom filament, zipper filament, Christmas tree filament, fishing net wire, construction fence wire
Qingdao Zhuoya Machinery Co., Ltd.
Company type: Manufacturer Credit:
Main products:PET/PP Filament Extrusion Line, Plastic board machine, plastic sheet machine
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It consists of dehumidifying and crystallizing system, extruder, screen changer, Meter pump, mold, haul-off, oven, and winder,

Production Process:

Material→ Dehumidifying and Crystallizing → Extruding → Filter→ Metering→ Mold → Cooling→ Haul-off →Oven Heating→ Haul-off→ Oven heating→ Haul-off → Glazing → Shaping → Haul-off→ Winding


1. With 100% bottle flakes material, or mixed with PET/PP raw material

2. New technology, hot wind cycles to dry, increase the viscosity of the bottle flakes material; secondary stretching, increase the tensile strength and elongation, the belt tension reaches more than 10000N

3. Precise and energy saving temperature control system, power saving, low noise, low input and high yield


With 100% bottle flakes recycled material, to produce PET or PP monofilament, like broom filament, zipper filament, Christmas tree filament, fishing net wire, construction fence wire, etc.

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