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Raw material:PET Resin Place of Origin:Suzhou
Condition: New Loading Port:SHANGHAI
Product description:The mold is to make pet preform
Company type: Manufacturer Credit:
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Our company can make 12-48 CAV. Pet Preform mold with hot runner system.
Using point to point temperature control, it is easier to adjust every cavity of the temperature of the mould. The quality of the preform is the same like Canada quality. The design of the preform also different that make your capacity increase.

>Preform Injection Mould from 1 cavity for wide mouth jar and gallon bottle preform up to 48 cavity narrow neck preform mould;

>Tube blank is designed with the help of computer, which surely contributes to the increasing of yield of bottle;

>Employed internationally advanced two-step dual taper locating technology. Each cavity self-locks independently to ensure low decentration of product;

>Core and cavity are made of special mold steel after preheating treatment in the original factory in Sweden. Individual temperature control of all cavity;

>Lip cavity is made of imported nitrated steel, which is of high hardness
And long service life, in accordance with international standard;

>The excellent hot runner design assures uniform heating and greatly improves the quality of plastic product;

>No cutting of gate is employed to deduce the labor intensity;

>Standard inter-changeable mould components;

>The life of mould is more than 2 million times.

>Off-center Adjustment System

Off-center adjustment system can make the error of preform's wall thickness less than 0.05mm. This system does not affect the lifetime of mould.

Self-lock System
International advanced bi-awls fixed orientation self-locked structure has been adopted.

Cooling System
On the perform mold's each inner part, including core, cavity and valve gate system, there is all specially designed cooling system with perfect cooling effect and abundant strength.

Heating System
Double heating System can ensure that the impact of heating is good and quality control is credible. The Heating Band unit makes nozzles be with invariable temperature. The Heater Unit is used to heat the hot runner plate with long using life and powerful heating capacity.

Hot Runner System
The perform mould adopts Pin-valve type Hot Runner System, such hot runner system can reduce
Mould's each part's wear & tear and maintenance cost, and also save 10%~15% electric energy.

Hydraulic Ejecting System
The perform-doffing success ratio has achieved firm endurance and the whole perform ejecting process will become much quieter.

Core and cavity in mould are top materials. All the parts are processed on CNC machine tool with high precision, especially the plate, the tolerance is less than 0.05mm. And all parts are treated by heat treatment strictly. To ensure their intension and life time good enough. After the treatment, the intensive neck ring and core hardness can be HRC48~52, the hardness of cavity can be HRC44-48.

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