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Raw material:PE、PC、PVC、PS、PP Place of Origin:Laiwu
Condition: New Loading Port:FOB(QINGDAO)
Product description:ZS800 injection machine 汽车配件 Auto Parts ,塑料周转筐 Plastic Crate ,塑料建材产品 Plastic building materials products,管件 Pipe Fitting
Company type: Manufacturer Credit:
Main products:Injection machine
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1、 mode locking tail plate, mobile template and fixed template, through finite element analysis verification, the stress distribution will become reasonable and the reliability and longevity will be improved;

2、 mobile template and fixed template uniformly apply T-slot structure, which is easy for mold disassembly by customers.

3、 With world-renowned brand servo accessories, high-quality servo systems can be formed with electricity and water saving volume up to 70% compared with the conventional hydraulic system, thus reducing the operating costs .

4、 the overall performance of the machine will be significantly improved, and its operation speed, stability and precision are far better than the machine controlled by the conventional variable pump. Simultaneously, its action response speed is faster, repeat accuracy is higher, service life is longer and performance indicators are up to the domestic advanced levels.

5、 Its mold open back voltage circuit lowers the mold open impulsive noise and makes the machine operation in a smooth and quiet condition. The machine hinge mechanism is lubricated with grease, which can achieve heavy bearing, well lubrication and extended machine service.

6、 The overall design of ZS series improves the humane and aesthetics, and it can be widely applied to various common plastics and special plastics requirements with higher reliability and lower failure rate.

shot volume (理论注射容积) 3181cm³/3927cm³/4329cm³
shot weight (实际注射量) 2987g(105.5oz)/3687g(130.3oz)/4065g(143.6oz)
screw diameter (螺杆直径) 90mm/100mm/105mm
injection pressure (注射压力) 180mpa/146mpa/132mpa
screw I/D ratio(螺杆长径比) 24:1/22:1/20:1
screw stroke(螺杆行程) 500mm
screw speed (螺杆转速) 0-120rpm
clamping force(锁模力) 8000kn
opening stroke (开模行程) 1030mm
platen size (模板尺寸) 1510mm X 1430mm
space between tie bars(拉杆内距) 1050mm x 970mm
max daylight (模板最大距离) 2130mm
mold thickness (容模量) 400mm-1100mm
hydraulic ejection stroke(顶出行程) 300mm
hydraulic ejection force(顶出力) 275kn
ejector pin(顶针数) 21
hydraulic system pressure(液压系统压力) 17.5mpa
pump motor(油泵马达) 43kw+54kw
heating capacity (电热量) 40.6kw
nember of temp control zones(温度控制区域) 7
oil tank capacity (油箱容量) 1230L
machine dimensions(外形尺寸) 10.5m X 2.54m x 2.43m
machine weight (机重) 45000kg

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