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3m drainage panel machine, model PSB-3000
Time: 2017-10-30- 2017-12-31
Condition: Finish
Location: Jiujiang  China
Organizer: Jiaxing Junsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Activity Details

Plastic Drainage Panel Production Line is Junsheng’s innovative machinery in China (patent protected).

Under unique mechanics design, Junsheng machine has following advantages:

● Convex wall thickness of the circular convex on the drainage panel is well-proportioned.

● Compression strength is 50% higher than similar product, which solves the problem.

● Power saving 30%.

● Higher output

● Same forming roller, with changing different dimples, 3 different sizes will be got.

● With changing mould, round and square shape.

● Drainage board thickness range is 0.5-5.5mm, width up to 5000mm.

● Two colors can be produced by another model machine.

Brief Introduction

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