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Raw material:almost all kinds of polymer Place of Origin:Zhengzhou
Condition: New Loading Port:Shanghai
Product description:Zhengzhou Great Machinery Co.,Ltd, a high-tech company with deep technology background and strong work team and services in China. our main products: screen changer, melt gear pump, profile mould
Zhengzhou Great Machinery Co.,Ltd
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Main products:Screen changer, Backflush screen changer, automatic screen changer, hydraulic screen changer

Zhengzhou Great Machinery Co.,Ltd, a high-tech company with deep technology background and strong work team and services in China. our main products: screen changer, melt gear pump, profile mould

High quality screen changer for plastic extrusion line

Gmach is a professional manufacturer of screen changer for plastic etxrusion machine . we now have more than 10 kinds of screen changer , they meet different kind of production process .

8 kinds screen changer1.jpg

Polymer melt gear pump for plastic extruder

GM-ME series melt gear pump dedicated to thermoplastic extrusion process , such as sheet, plate, tube, film industry that requires special stable extrusion pressure flow system, installed on the extruder between exports and die head for metering pump.This series of melt pump adopts special gear structure and special flow design, to ensure the stability of the outlet pressure and flow rate .

The Features of this GM-ME series extrusion melt gear pump for plastic sheet extruder

(1)Minimal melt flow pressure pulsation , the melt flow can realize linear output ,suitable

(2)for precise extrusion system;

(3)This melt gear pump can be used on high temperature (350℃),high pressure(40Mpa),high viscosity (40,0 00Pa•s)xtrusion process

(4)Precise structure, high precision,long service life

Finished products show -melt gear pump

melt gear pump 1.jpg

The main function of this extrusion melt gear pump

(1),Greatly improve the pressure stability of the extrusion die,improve the quality of the products

(2),The melt floow can realize linear output, easy to control

(3),Increase the extrusion output, improve the production output

(4),Decreasing the load, save energy and reduce the cost.

Technical data

Viscosity: 1~40000Pa•s(1,000~40,000,000cP)

Suction siME pressure:0~30MPa

Discharge siME pressure: 0~40MPa

Differential pressure: 25MPa



Gmach PVC profile mould


China PVC Profile Mould/Tools/Dai Factory/ UPVC Profile Co-layer Mold/UPVC CO-extrusion


Various Sizes as Per Customer Require

Mould Material

3Cr17, 3Cr17MoNiV, DIN1.2316 or Negotiable

Mould Cavity

One or Multi-Cavity

Mould Composition

Die Head, Aluminum Heating Panels, Calibrators and Water Tank


High Polished Surface, Stable Discharging, Soft-hard, Surface Layer, Cladding


Mould will be tested to get the satisfy sample before delivery


Sample will be arranged by express for customer approval


Provide complete set of formulation, technology and perfect after sale service

Lead time

30-35 days

Package & deliver

Wooden case for exporting,
each mould will be cleaned before packing.

Remark : If you are interesting in mould and plastic prodcuts, welcome you provide us the details of the product material , size , weight ect, better 2D and 3D drawing. Welcome you to visit us.

The Composition and Function of each part for pvc Extrusion Mould:

Configuration of Mould



Dies head

Produce continuous,stable,homogeneous profile

Divided into four standards based on different appearances: D1602,D1802,D2002,D3002


Cool down and form the profile, the smaller the resistance is ,the better

Divided into four standards based on different widths: C1402,C1702,C2002,C3002.The quantity of calibrator parts are decided by profile, and extrusion speed.

Water tank

Cool down the profile further

Divided into three kinds: organic glass, stainless steel, pp board. They have wonderful tightness, brief frame, easily be processed.

PVC profile mould picture


Inner packing: bubble wrap film protection

outer packing:wooden case


We provide the operation manual for customers to gudie to install the screen changer, and at the requirement of user, salers should send technician to install and commissioning the die at site of Buyers, expenses of the trip should be borne by Buyers.

After-sales service

12 months with proper operation by user, all the spare parts shall be replaced free of charge under guarantee period, fee for transportation and packing will be borne by users.

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