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Raw material:Caco3,PE Place of Origin:Suzhou
Condition: New Loading Port:ShangHai
Product description:China PE Synthetic Paper Extrusion Line Equipment
China Gwell Machinery CO.,LTD.
Company type: Manufacturer Credit:
Main products:Stone Paper Extrusion Line,Sheet Extrusion Line,XPS Foam Extrusion Line

Stone Paper Product:

1- Stone paper was made by Machinery Direction Orientation(MDO), raw materials are the 70%-80% calcium carbonate, 25%-15%PE and 5% additives. As we know, the cost of stone paper is almost equal to the wood paper in this period, because it is the newest technology, but it must be very popular in the future because its environmental protection, beautiful appearance and smooth touch, so stone paper usually used in printing area after lamination, such as wall paper, handbag, gift box and etc.

2- Our machine can make the paper with 0.8 g/cm³, the width is 1200 mm, the capacity is 550kg/h, I think this size can meet most of the paper users in the market, of course if you need other size of paper, please inform us, and we can ensure whether we can make.

3- Please note that since now the stone paper can't replace to the life paper, because in the final analysis, stone paper is plastic paper, the major role of the stone paper is decoration.


Model GWS5
Heating Method Electric heating
Electric Power Supply(V) 160KW
Max Extrusion Capacity(Kg/h) 600Kg/h
Line Speed (m/min) 30m/min
Forming Width(mm) 1400mm

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