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Date Posted:2018-06-19

PVC Stretch film making machine

Buyer: Mr mohmed shaker
Country / Region: Egypt
0 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now Hi, I need Cling PVC FOOD stretch machine, I'd like to know more details
Categories:PVC Stretch Film Machine
Date Posted:2018-06-19

EPE foam bag making machine

Buyer: Mr Mohan
Country / Region: India
0 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now EPE foam sheet 0.8 to 3mm thickness and 1 mtrs width (bag width) automatic Bag making machine with servo motor Plc based I require your recommendation with lowest quote Pls send the running Video
Categories:EPE Sealing Machine,EPE Cutting / Slitting Machine
Buyer: Mr Subhash B Korpe
Country / Region: India
2 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now I want EPS foam food container, white foamed container for food packing, please send more detials
Categories:EPS Foam & Related Machine
Date Posted:2018-06-15

BOPP film extrusion line

Buyer: Mr Ayoub Cheraitia
Country / Region: Algeria
0 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now Hi,Im interested in your product bopp film extrusion line, I would like some more details.I look forward for your reply.Width 1000 or 1200 Regards,ayoub cheraitia
Categories:Biaxially Oriented Film Machine
Date Posted:2018-06-15

Thermoforming machine

Buyer: Mr Liana Hovhannisyan
Country / Region: Armenia
4 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now MB Holding company is located in Armenia, and specialaized in production of various Pet bottles and injection moulding polymer packing containers. Now we are interested in production of thermoforming cups, bowls, egg packagings, salad and soup containers.We need to purchase full or semi automat thermoforming machinery for these purposes. Can you please send us your best offer on machinery? Full information and price quotation on EXW or FCA basis. Waiting for your information.Best regards, Liana HovhannisyanMarketing specialist"MB Holding" LLC Yerevan, 0052,
Categories:Vacuum Forming/Thermoforming Machine
Date Posted:2018-06-15

New medical products injection mold

Buyer: Mr Mohamed Faramawy
Country / Region: Egypt
6 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now Hello,dear,we are manufacturing Sharps Disposable container, we want to know if you have new mould for new Medical products,Send me a detail about it, Thanks
Categories:Injection Mould
Date Posted:2018-06-15

Non-woven bag machine

Buyer: Mr Bhavna Studio Jaora
Country / Region: India
1 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now Hi, Give me information of Nonwoven bag making machine, The picure attached type of nonwoven I want make, do you have?
Categories:Non-woven Fabrics Bag Making Machine
Buyer: Mr Jawdat Hassoun
Country / Region: Saudi Arabia
8 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now hi will send me offer for 150 mm screw with baby for recycling PP, HDPE, LLDPE, on my wechat and whats app
Date Posted:2018-06-15

Plastic recycling machine

Buyer: Mr M.Komil
Country / Region: Tajikistan
9 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now Iam looking for plastic recycling machine to produce granules, please send me your machine price, I hope to get the information today, thanks a lot. Waiting for your replay
Date Posted:2018-06-15

Injection molding machine

Buyer: Mr Mahamoudsnake
Country / Region: Egypt
5 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now I am interested in your injection molding machine to make the basket like this, please send me price
Categories:Injection Machine
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