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Company Introduction
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Company Introduction
Year Company Registered:1992 Business Type:Manufacturer Credit:
Country:China Location: Taizhou, Zhejiang Total No. Employees:400
Address:Taizhou 369# XinJiang Rd., Xinqian Street, Huangyan Taizhou
Main Products: Mold and injection machine, automation
Company Overview

Sino Holdings Group is the manufacturer and injection molding solution expert of  plastic mould and injection molding machines in China. We have supported more than 800 factories with plastic molding plant set up and service with technical training service and plastic injection molding equipment building.


Such as PET preform injection molding solution.

IML container molding injection molding automation,

PVC fitting moulding solution. 

Automotive molding solution, 

Industrial plastic pallet and bin molding solution ...

Taking Sino advantage of R&D technology of plastic mold  and we had more than 200 national patent in Mold structure design and mold development. Sino focus in high speed productivity, fast cycle time and good mold quality control for molds manufacturing at best delivery time. Sino Holdings is specialized for all types of plastic injection plastic mould manufacturing and injection molding machine production from DKM250T servo system to DKM4500T servo machine. Plastic injection molding machine brand Dakumar is branch of Sino Holdings group, with cooperation with develop towards information technology, high precision, automation direction. And the China Mold Manufacturers develop with integration technology, sophisticated equipment.

SINO MOULD CO LTD is a professional mould making company  since 1992, with high technology and know how for gas assistant injection molding, two color molding technology, IML molding solution and multi-cavity molds technology, therefore is the most famous brand for injection mold among China injection mold maker. With thedevelopment of mold technology, we had offered turnkey plastic molding solution for automotive molding line, plastic furniture molding line, daily use molding equipment and molds, folding pallet, folding container molds, medical syringe molding equipment and all plastic injection molds and injection molding machines. 


Sino Mould Co., Ltd,

Sino Automotive Mould ,

Sino Packaging Mould ,

Sino Pipe Fitting Mould ,

Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd

Main Products

Dakumar injection molding machine is special in PET test tube and syringe production line. We offer turnkey molding solution. welcome your enquiry
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