Dongguan Haibao Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
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Company Introduction
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Company Introduction
Dongguan Haibao Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
Year Company Registered:2005 Business Type:Manufacturer Credit:
Country:China Location: Dongguan, Guangdong Total No. Employees:108
Address:Dongguan Jiaoli Industrial Park, Zhongtang Town,
Main Products:plastic electrostatic separator,rubber separator,metal separator,NIR separator,color sorter
Company Overview

Dongguan Haibao is a factory specialize in electrostatic plastics separator and rubber separator. Electrostatic plastics separator is applied to separate the mixed plastics that can not be separated by the density of the flotation process and available in separating mixed plastics such as ABS,PS,PP,PET,PVC,PA,PE,PO and so on) and rubber separator is used to separate rubber/silicone from plastics.  Our separator is very popular in China plastic recycling field.  More than 80% Plastic Electrostatic Separator in China  is from our factory. 

As you know, Chinese government is very strict on waste plastic importing now.Any waste plastics cant be imported except for granules. ?Waste plastics must be separated and make into granules before coming into China. More and more people are going to other countries to built recycling factory. And many plastics supplier from Europe and Japan are consulting separation line with us. Separator from Germany is so expensive and our separator is very popular because of its good features and good price. So it is a very good chance for us. We are looking for more buyers,agent and distributors. Welcome your cooperation.

Main Products

loading truck, the separator is going to it working place.
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