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Company Introduction
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Country:China Location: Qingdao, Shandong Total No. Employees:
Address:Qingdao Noth of Quanzhou Road Jiaozhou Qingdao City Shandong Province of China
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Company Overview

QINGDAO SANYI PLASTIC MACHINERY CO.,LTD is found in 2006. We formed a set of technology, research and development, production, sales, such as multi-functional in one of the excellence team. QINGAO SANYI manufactured the first pvc foam board production line in 2007 in China. It is bought by Hangzhou KeDi Decoration Co.,ltd and it is still working normally.PVC foam board belongs to a new satisfied green sheet which can replaces wood sheet. Then QINGAO SANYI become a professional manufacturer of pvc foam board machine. The production line can produce pvc furniture board, construction formwork, flooring sheet and advertising board,etc. Qingdao SANYI plastic machinery is the first professional manufacturer of pvc wpc foam board production line.
Qingdao Sanyi plastic machinery owned more than the domestic market share of about 30% in China and QINGDAO SANYI is also a big exporter in China. We have exported more than 20 countries such as India, Pakistan, Rumania, Iran, Kuwait, Russia, Korea, north Korea and Uganda,etc. Until now, QINGDAO SANYI researched the 13th generation line and 14th generation line. We run the 13th generation line during Chinaplas Exhibition in 2015 and the capacity can easy to beyond 600kg/h. And the capacity of 14th generation line reach to 800kg/h.

QINGDAO SANYI PLASTIC MACHINERY joined the China Plastic Processing Industry Association (it is called CPPIA for short) and PVC Foam Products Committee of CPPIA in 2009. QINGDAO SANYI became the Vice-Chairman of the pvc foam products Committee from CPPIA in 2014. And QINGDAO SANYI undertaken the annual convention of PVC FOAM PRODUCTS COMMITTEE from CPPIA in 2014 and 2015. And at the same time in 2014, we joined the Newplas Exhibition from CPPIA as the most important exhibitor. We ran the pvc foam board machine in our booth room with 192m². And we got the fully approbation from the customers from Chinese and oversea and the leaders of China Light Industry Department and China Building Department. QINGDAO SANYI joined the China Formwork And Scaffold Association in 2013, and became the Vice-Secretary-General of CFASA in 2014. QINGDAO SANYI joined the China plastic formwork development union and became the Vice-Secretary-General.
The first working meeting of China plastic formwork development union is convened by QINGDAO SANYI PLASTIC MACHINERY CO.,LTD The general manager won the Special contribution award and pvc formwork template production line recommendation award in 19th, Nov. 2014.
Qingdao Sanyi sign the “STRATEGIC PARTERNERSHIP AGREEMENT” with SIEMENS in 1, DEC. 2014.QINGDAO SNAYI won the “Chinese Advanced Person of Plastic Replace Wood”, “Chinese model enterprise of Plastic Replace Wood” and “Chinese most influential enterprise in plastic sheet industry” from Chinese wood saving center in the WOOD SAVING MEETING on 26th May,2015 And we organize a Recycle PVC communication meeting between China and Japan.

Qingdao Sanyi Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd locates in Qingdao City. Our company has advanced technology and experiences in plastic machinery fileds. We can transform the newest science research into real product with fastest speedy to supply the most competitive equipment for our customers. We can provide you our best after-sales service and abide by the principle of "Quality first, Credit uppermost". 

Qingdao Sanyi plastic machinery co.,ltd is a professional manufacturer of PVC (WPC) foam board production line. This line can produce furniture board,construction board,advertising board and so on. The development of pvc foam board extrusion production line witness our company's growth and strength. It is also our biggest and strongest shining point in this area that no one could compare with us nowadays in China.
Qingdao Sanyi Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd, General Manager and all our staff will welcome all friends from home and abroad to visit us and create a new era. 

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