weifang huayu plastic machinery co.,ltd.
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Company Introduction
weifang huayu plastic machinery co.,ltd.
Year Company Registered: Business Type:Manufacturer Credit:
Country:China Location: Weifang, Shandong Total No. Employees:200
Address:Weifang Shibu Industrial Area, Changyi City, Shandong Province, China.
Main Products:blow moulding machie
Company Overview

we're a high-tech comprehensive enterprise integrated with innovation, design, scientific research and development, service and after-service in the field of blow molding machines produce.

We're super-large blow molding machine leader in China,which is due to our strong technical development force ,better quality&more competitive price,and timely&meticulous service.

We account for 15% domestic market shares.Besides, we have a high market share and reputation overseas.

Our main products includes blow molding machines,moulds ,crusher,blender .

We mainly produce 200L-20000L blow molding machines, including one-six layer blow molding machine ranging from 200L, 500L,750L,1000L,2000L,3000L, 5000L,10000L,20000L.

These machines can produce civil barrel,220L double L-ring barrel,plastic tray for forklift ,underground storage tank, tool kit ,multi-layer automobile tank and so on.

In addition,we sell some auxiliary equipment such as plastic scrab crusher, blender ,moulds and some equipment related to blow molding machine.In fact,these auxiliary devices are mainly manufactured to assemble the blow molding machine.So they are cheaper in price and better in quality than other manufactures.

Reliability is our strong point.Compared with other manufacturers,we pay more attention to machines' quality and practical utility not the beautiful outlook. They are more economic and functional,the lifetime is longer and the quality is better.We have a life-time warranty including one year for free,in addition ,our engineers are available overseas.So if you want to purchase a machine or some moulds that can bring you permanent profits,we are the best choice!

Main Products

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