Ningbo haijiang machinery manufacturing co.,ltd
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Company Introduction
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Company Introduction
Ningbo haijiang machinery manufacturing co.,ltd
Year Company Registered:2006 Business Type:Manufacturer
Country:China Location: Ningbo, Zhejiang Total No. Employees:50
Address:Ningbo Tongyi Industrial Zone Dongwu Town Yinzhou District Ningbo City(Near BaoZhan Highway)
Main Products:Injection Molding Machine
Company Overview

China Injection Molding machine manufacturer-NINGBO HAIJIANG MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD., situated in Ningbo Yinzhou Investment & Innovation Center, coversa land of more than 50,000M2.It was established in 1992 and now employs a staff of more than 500 people.
Haijiang Company is a hihg-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing injection molding machines that mainly covers dozens of speci?cations with injection shot of 45-2,0000g and mold clamping force of 400-15,000KN. Based on the marrow of the trade gained and through years' accumulation, the company has made constant innovation to ensure the machine quality.Parts built into the machines of defferent mold locking forces are all processed under specialized management. HJF series injection molding machines are developed by Haijiang Company on the basis of a collection of the advantages assimilated from all world famous brand machines with optimized design realized by CAD/CAM/CAPP where technical problems such as noise of the entire machine and low energy dissipation are removed and thus the design quality of products is secured. The company adopts advanced equipment and technology and applies scientific management. Besides, it has introduced high-precision full automatic CNC machines fitted with imported electric and hydraulic parts, which have tremendously improved the accuracy and steadiness of the whole machine. Its present products such as HJK and KJF series and widely applied in the electronic, automobile and civil industries.
In order to participate in competition in the world market,the company has clustered a group of high quality technical and managerial personnel with innovative spirit by means of optimized combination fo personnel. The company faces the society and users by acting on the principle of pursuit for ?rst class and sincere service. We will appreciate friends from all circles who have given their concern and support to Haijiang machines with first class products and first class after service.

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