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Product Categories: PVC Wood Plastic Profile Machine
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zhangjiagang ableplas machinery co.,ltd
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Main products:plastic extrusion machine ,plastic recycling machine ,auxiliary machines

Model xc240
Extruder mode SJZ65/132
output 240
Production speed 2-4m/min
motor 37kw
electric componens ABB
energy consumption 55kwh
dimension 26m*2m*2.7m
Application wpc door frame ,wpc door profile ,wpc profile

Extrusion Line

Using natural fiber in extruding profiles is getting popular .People try to develop new properties of the finished Wood Plastic Composite(WPC),such as PP/PE resin mixing 40-80% natural fiber or PVC mixing 40-70% natural fiber then produce different kinds of profiles.

Based on this mass requirment ,ABLEPLAS MACHINE has developed 1.segmented twin screw extruder + special single screw extruder line 2.parallel twin screw extruder + special single screw extruder line combine tooling die head and all down stream equipments for WPC profiles production has already got very good result.We creat the market for our customer wo come from all the world.

Dising /Mixing and drying unit


The optimal formulation( by weight)

1.Polymer:-PVC 30-50%

-HDPE/PP 30-50%

2.Natural fiber:Wood fiber/rice husk/sawmill/...30-80%

3.Additives:Depend the formulation 0.5-5% or more


Key point machine for mixing the natural fiber/resin/additives well

1.Batch type:Housing volume 12Lor 20L

2.Capacity:200-250kg/h or 400-500kg/h

3.Motor:250kw or 500kw


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