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Company Introduction
zhangjiagang ableplas machinery co.,ltd
Year Company Registered:2006 Business Type:Manufacturer Credit:
Country:China Location: Suzhou, Jiangsu Total No. Employees:50
Address:Suzhou No.1 TongXin Road ,LeYu Town,ZhangJiaGang City (near ShangHai ,one and half an hour by car),JiangSu Province ,China Zip: 215622
Main Products:plastic extrusion machine ,plastic recycling machine ,auxiliary machines
Company Overview

ABLE was established in 2006 ,is specialized in research,manufacture and marketing of plastic extrusion machine ,mixer and mixing plant ,granulating machine .ABLE is located in zhangjiagang city (near shanghai ),jiangsu province,china.

With comprehensive experience, creative and innovative emotion,ABLE  develops high-quality products for the market. Highly skilled artisan together with modern processing methods ensure that ABLE has stable and high performance products.

We provide below machines and plants to domestic and international market:

•Extrusion line for profile/pipe

•Mixer and mixing plants for pvc powder

•Screening ,conveying ,packing system for plastic granules

•plastic granulating lines

•Auxiliary machines

•Many leading companies in different industries have cooperated with us  ,such as shengqili group(listed company) ,ALBIS PLASTIC GMBW ,TRUPER group mexico,Colormax group ,Green recycle lebanon

Our Mission :Help customers to gain profits and assist customers to sucess. Our development comes from the clients’ satisfaction.

Our aim :to help at least 500 customers to process and produce better products , to effectively use the plastics and to improve people's living environment.


Main Products
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