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LLDPE/HDPE/LDPE High Speed Single Screw Film Blowing Machine Favorites

Raw material:LLPE/HDPE/LDPE plastic masterbatchs Place of Origin:Langfang
Condition: New Loading Port:Tianjin Port,China
Product description:1. High speed single screw extruder 2. Accurate extruder CNC control system base on independent R&D technology property right 3. Equipped specialize pocking mark roller 4. Full-automatic winder device improves producticity
Langfang Zhongfeng Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd.
Company type: Manufacturer Credit:
Main products:Film Blowing Machine & Bag Making Machine
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Details Configuration


Extruder Host Motor

One Piece,EURA

Host Frequency Converter

One Piece, EURA,15KW

PLC Operation System

XINJE, XC3-24T-E,Touch Screen

Gear Wheel Material

Alloy Steel

Gear Wheel Lubrication Method

Forced Oil Circulation Lubrication

Gear Wheel Cooling Method

Forced Water Circulation Cooling

Cooling Blower of Screw Barrel

Three-phase Centrifugal Fan

Heating Coil of Screw Barrel

Stainless Steel Heating Coil

Charging Type

Manual Work

Feeding System

CNC Control System

Extruder Head Flange

Flushbonading Flange

Number of Heating Zones

Screw Temperature 6 Zones

Die Head

Low Pressure Die Head

Die Head Material

Alloy Steel,Forging And Heat Treating

Die Head Heater

Double Layer Stainless Steel Heater

Air Ring Type

Single Lips Air Ring

Air Ring Material

Cast Aluminum

Blowing Tube

PVC Plastic

Air Blowing Device

High Pressure Blowe

ii.Traction Equipment

Traction Motor

Made In China (or Designated Brand)

Traction Frequency Converter

Made In China (or Designated Brand)

Air Cylinder

SMC Made In Japan

Traction Frame

Stationary Type

Foam Gusset

Palisade Type

Foam Stabilizing frame

Wood Railing Type

iiiWinding Part

Winder mode

Friction Type Manual Single Winder

Winder Motor

Made In China (or Designated Brand )

Winder Frequency Converter

Made In China (or Designated Brand )

Cutting Device


LF-55 LF-60 LF-65
Screw Diameter(mm) 55 60 65
Max Screw Speed(r/min) 80 80 80
Traction Shaft Length(mm) 450 650 650
Max Film Width (mm) 370+12 570+14 900/1200/1400
Film Thickness(mm) 0.01-0.1 0.01-0.1 0.01-0.1
Max Extrusion(kg/hr) 45 55 60
Ratio of Length to Diameter(mm) 31:1 33:1 32:1
Die head diameter 290/320 290/320 290/320
Extruder power(kw) 11 15 18.5 or 22
Traction Motor Power(kw) 2.2 2.2 2.2
Heating Device Power(kw) 13 16.2 27
Winder Motor Power(kw) 2.2 14.5 15
CNC Accuracy 1000g/+1.5g 1000g/+1.5g 1000g/+1.5g
Max winding diameter(mm) 1000 1000 1000
Overall Dimensions(mm) 6600x 2700 x 5370 6600x 2700 x 5370 6600x 2700 x 5370
Total Weight(kg) 3050 3320 3320

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