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High-speed Double Channel Automatic Punching T-shirt Bag Making Machine Favorites

Raw material:LLPE/HDPE/LDPE Place of Origin:Langfang
Condition: New Loading Port:Tianjin Port,China
Product description:1. Specialized Conveyor Device without Film Stretching 2. Heat Cutter Heating Independent 3. Self-lubrication System for Drivetrain 4. Servo System Accurately Control Feeding Speed 5. Equipped With Full-automatic Punching Machine
Langfang Zhongfeng Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd.
Company type: Manufacturer Credit:
Main products:Film Blowing Machine & Bag Making Machine
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Details Configuration

Fuselage for making bag

Charging Type

Semi-automatic, Electric

Charging Motor


Charging Shaft

Special Expanded Shaft

Conveyer Motor

Two Piece, WUHU DELI,

Conveyer Inverter

Two Piece, TECO

Conveyer Roller

Four Piece, Special Rubber

PLC Operation System

DECHENG DC300A Touch Screen

Feeding Roller

Four Piece, Special Rubber

Feeding Servo Motor

Two Piece, DECHENG

Feeding Servo Driver

Two Piece, DECHENG

Host Motor

One Piece, WUHU DELI

Host Motor Inverter

One Piece, TECO



Heat Sealing Knife

Alloy Copper

Heat Cutter

Alloy Steel

Cutting&Sealing Heating Method

Separately heating Independent

Temperature Controller


Static Elimination Device

One Static Chamber&Two Static Bars

Discharging Method

Automatic Robot Hand

Automatic Punching machine

Cross-flow Fan

CHAOYU, Made in China

Bag Output Orderliness Device

Soft Rubber Whip

Bag Transmitting & Stacking Device

Automatic Robot Hand Controlled

Robot Hand Open-closed ways


Output Convey Belt

PVC Plastic

Punching Pressure Cylinder

Two Piece, Made In Taiwan

Punching Cutter

Customization, Alloy Steel

Punching Subplate

Auto-transpositionNylon Material

Robot Hand Servo Motor

One Piece, DECHENG

Robot Hand Servo Driver

One Piece, DECHENG

HDFP-320x2 HDFP-420x2 HDFP-500x2
The max width of the bag (mm) 320 420 500
The max length of the bag (mm) 280-650 280-750 280-900
Bag making speed (pcs/min) 100-400 100-400 100-400
Film thickness (mm) 0.02-0.08 0.02-0.08 0.02-0.08
Total power (KW) 16.28/3.4 19.8/4.2 24.3/4.6
Gas consumption (m3/min) 0.6 0.7 0.7
Bag making roll quantity (roll) 2 2 2
Over Dimensions(mm) 5810x1580x1950 6010x1780x1950 6510x1980x1950
Weight (kg) 2376 2764 3246
Main inverter power (kw) 1.5 1.5 1.5
Conveyer inverter power (kw) 4x0.75 4x0.75 4x0.75
Inverter quantity (sets) 5 5 5
Servo motor power (kw) 3.0 4.4 4.4
Servo motor quantity (sets) 3 3 3
Pressure Cylinder Model KPB-80-165-20-5T KPB-80-165-20-5T KPB-80-165-5T
Pressure Cylinder Quantity 2 2 2
Work voltage (V) AV 220 AC 380 AV 380

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