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IPF 2022
Date: 2022.01.12 -  2022.01.25  (in 184 days)
Venue: Bashundhara Convention Center
Cycle: annually
Location: Dhaka  Bangladesh
Location Time: (UTC +6:00)
Fair Organizer
Chan Chao International Co., Ltd.
Exhibitors From LookingPlas
Selected Products
Fair Introdution:
The Bangladesh Int’l Plastics, Printing and Packaging Industrial Fair taking place at Bashundhara Convention Center of Dhaka is the largest annual event for the plastics, printing and packaging sectors. It offers the most ideal access to approach the key market in Bangladesh. In 2018, the plastic industry has been the most-growing industry in Bangladesh with growing 20 percent a year on the demand from domestic and export market. IPF will show the latest industrial developments and market trends, such as the blow molding machine, high-tech electronic automatic instrument, the innovate raw materials and auxiliaries, etc. IPF is a must-visit event for people active in the plastics sector.
The 15th Bangladesh Int’l Plastics, Printing and Packaging Industrial Fair takes place on 4 days from Wed., 20.01.2021 to Sat., 23.01.2021 in Dhaka.
Product Groups:
blow molding machines, casting machines, die cutting machines, extruding machines, injection molding equipment, mold cleaning equipment, plastic blending, plastic compounding equipment, plastic cutting machines, plastic dryers, spin casting equipment, thermoforming machines, …

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