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Date: 2021.03.23 -  2021.03.24  (in 184 days)
Venue: Messe Ulm
Cycle: annually
Location:  Germany
Location Time: (UTC +1:00)
Fair Organizer
Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH & Co. KG
+49 (0)89 998300
+49 (0)89 984809
Kolbergerstr. 22 81679 Munich, Germany
Exhibitors From LookingPlas
Selected Products
Fair Introdution:
The KPA fair in Ulm is Germany’s first intersectoral, regional procurement platform exclusively for plastic products. From health care to furniture and packaging up to automotive. The visitors will have the opportunity to get a general idea of the complete sphere of competence of the plastics processing industry. With only one visit they can catch up on new products and services from different markets. The concept “business on site” offers short and direct ways to the right target group. Separate communication areas promote networking and detailed discussions. There are professional visitors from all relevant regional industry sectors, which are composed in particular of design engineers, technical buyers, designers and decision makers. The fair takes place in pavilion 7 of the fairground in Ulm. The venue can be easily reached by public transport and by car. Parking for visitors and exhibitors is available in sufficient numbers.
The KPA KUNSTSTOFF PRODUKTE AKTUELL will take place on 2 days from Tuesday, 10. March to Wednesday, 11. March 2020 in Ulm.
Product Groups:
components, consumer products, electronics, handling, household items, medical technology, packaging, plastic products, services, small parts, vehicles, vendor parts, …

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