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Date: 2021.04.06 -  2021.04.09  (in 184 days)
Venue: Expo Center Norte
Cycle: biennial
Location: Sao Paulo  Brazil
Location Time: (UTC -3:00)
Fair Organizer
Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado
+55 (0)11 30605000
+55 (0)11 30605001
Street Bela Cintra 01415-001 Sao Paulo, Brazil
Exhibitors From LookingPlas
Selected Products
Fair Introdution:
Feiplastic – International Plastics Trade Fair With the expansion of the international market, what already was a successful event became a global event with much more prestige. Feiplastic – International Plastics Trade Fair is the largest space in Latin America for networking and presenting the latest trends and new product launchings in the plastics sector. A prominent event with the most important names and brands in the market that attracts top professionals from Brazil and abroad looking for good business opportunities.
The Feiplastic will take place on 4 days from Monday, 06. April to Thursday, 09. April 2020 in Sao Paulo.
Product Groups:
injection molding machines, plastic additives, plastic components, plastic granules, plastic machinery, plastic manufacturing equipment, plastic molds, plastic processing tools, plastic products, plastics, …

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