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Date: 2021.11.03 -  2021.11.04  (in 184 days)
Venue: 明尼阿波利斯会议中心
Cycle: annually
Location: Minneapolis  United States
Location Time: (UTC -6:00)
Fair Organizer
UBM Canon
+1 (3)10 4454200
+1 (3)10 4454299
11444 W. Olympic Blvd CA 90064 Los Angeles, USA
Exhibitors From LookingPlas
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Fair Introdution:
PLASTEC is one of the premier trade fairs for plastics processing in the US. Leading suppliers will present the latest in production machinery, processing machinery, raw materials, components, automation technology, assembly equipment, materials handling, hardware and software, services and much more. Among attendees are production managers, manufacturing engineers, product/project managers and senior plastic processing executive. The exhibition provides solutions for manufacturers in every industry including automotive, aviation, construction, electronics, medical and packaging.
The PLASTEC will take place on 2 days from Mittwoch, 28. Oktober to Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2020 in Minneapolis.
Product Groups:
blow molding machinery, controls, extrusion lines, injection molding machines, machinery components, material handling systems, plastic additives, plastic components, plastic materials, plastic molds, plastic packaging, plastic processing machinery, plastic raw materials, plastics, plastics assembly lines, …

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