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Plastics & Rubber Indonesia 2021
Date: 2021.11.17 -  2021.11.20  (in 184 days)
Venue: Jakarta International Expo
Cycle: annually
Location: Jakarta Raya  Indonesia
Location Time: (UTC +7:00)
Fair Organizer
PT Pamerindo Indonesia
+62 (0)21 3162001
+62 (0)21 31619812
Deutsche Bank Building, 13th Floor, Jl. Imam Bonjol 80 10310 Jakarta, Indonesia
Exhibitors From LookingPlas
Selected Products
Fair Introdution:
Plastics and Rubber Indonesia is a trade fair for plastic and rubber processing. The production and processing machinery. In addition, a host of other products such as adhesives and auxiliary materials for processing. These are part in specialized exhibitions.
Exhibitors and visitors meet for the thirty-third time on the Plastics & Rubber Indonesia on 4 days from Wed., 18.11.2020 to Sat., 21.11.2020 in Jakarta.
Product Groups:
Injection molding machine, blow molding machine, extruder and extrusion production line; pre-processing, recycling machinery and equipment; post-processing and other processing machinery.
Plastic processing machinery and equipment such as bottle blowing machine, rubber mixing machine and calender; foam, reaction or reinforced resin machinery; measuring, control and testing equipment; parts and components.
Mould; Press; Chemical Additives and Additives; General plastic Raw Materials, Engineering Plastics, modified Plastics, functional Masterbatch, foam, Auxiliary Materials.
Thermoplastics; rubber adhesives; thermosetting rubber, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, special rubber, recycled rubber, rubber auxiliaries and other rubber raw materials.
Packaging machinery and equipment, packaging materials; printing machinery and equipment, printing materials
Region: Chongqing   Chongqing
EPE Foam Pipe/Rod
EPE Foam Pipe/Rod
XPS Foam Decorative Strip Production Line

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