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Vietnam PrintPack 2021
Date: 2021.10.20 -  2021.10.23  (Finished)
Venue: Saigon Exhibition & Conference Center(SECC)
Cycle: annually
Location: Ho Chi Minh City  Vietnam
Location Time: (UTC +7:00)
Fair Organizer
Chan Chao International Co., Ltd.
Exhibitors From LookingPlas
Selected Products
Fair Introdution:
The 20th Vietnam Int’l Printing & Packaging Industry Exhibition (VietnamPrintPack) was held from October 20 – 23 at Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC) in Ho Chi Minh City. Last year, over 12,000 sqm exhibition space were used to house 375 exhibitors and 16,226 visitors, which has brought innovative solutions and networking opportunities at the global mega event.
Product Groups:
Printing:Adhesive Binding Machine;Accessories, Material and Supplements;Book Sewing Machine;Hard Cover Making Machine;Coating Equipment;Color Measuring Equipment;Copy-Sheets Packaging Machine;Die Cutting & Mold Making Machine;Envelope Making Machines;Flexo Printing Machine;Folder Gluer Machine;Folding Machine;Holographic Hard Embossing Machine;Hot Stamping Machine;Inks, Ink Formulating Systems;Knives, Cutting Disks, Scorers or Slitters;Laminating Machine;Numbering & Units & Machines;Post-Printing Machinery & Equipment;Pre-Printing Systems;Screen Printing Machine
Packaging:Converting Machinery;Carton Erecting Machine;Dosing, Coding & Marking Systems;Fiberboard Packages and Paper Bags;Flexible Packaging;Packaging Machinery;Packaging Material;Physical Distribution Systems/Logistics;Quality Control Systems;Raw Materials & Auxiliaries;Rigid Packages, Glass Bottles & Tin Cans;Design and CAD/CAM
Label Printing:Label Printing Equipment, Materials and Accessories;RFID & Bar Coding Equipment;Pre-press System & Plate Making Equipment;Post-press Equipment;Label Inspection Equipment & Label Printing Services;Anti-counterfeit Technology;Label Security Solutions & Applications
Corrugated&Folding Carton;

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