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3P Plas Print Pack
Date: 2023.10.12 -  2023.10.14  (in 19 days)
Cycle: Annually
Location: Karachi  Pakistan
Location Time: (UTC +5:00)
Fair Organizer
Fakt Exhibitions PVT Ltd.
+92 (0)21 35810637
+92 (0)21 35810636
304, 3rd Floor, Clifton Centre, Block 5, Clifton Karachi, Pakistan
Exhibition Details
Fair Introdution
3P Plas Print Pack is an international trade show and conference unifying the three top industries plastic, printing and packaging and showcasing the latest innovations in these areas. Professionals from all over the world will present a wide range of specialised machines, processes and products to a qualified audience taking the opportunity to open up new fields of business. The event is communication and information platform for all businessmen aimed at exchanging information. Visitors attending the conference can get valuable insights by attending technical lectures and discussions.
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