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Ruplastic 2024
Date: 23/01/2024 -  26/01/2024  (Finished)
Venue: Moscow Expocentr exhibition center
Cycle: Annually
Location:  Russia
Location Time: (UTC +3:30)
Fair Organizer
+7(499) 320 65 40,+7(495) 955 91 99
Timura Frunze st., 3, bld.1 119021 Moscow, Russia
Exhibition Details
Fair Introdution
The Russian International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition (RUPLASTIC) is held annually. Mechanical engineers, raw material producers, plastics and product rubber producers, logistics companies and the service industry all presented their product ranges. Companies from Russia, China, Italy, Turkey, Iran, India and other countries participated in this exhibition. Russia plans to radically modernize its infrastructure in the field of waste management in the coming years and is therefore developing into a promising market in this area.
Product Groups
Plastic and rubber industrial machinery and equipment: pre-processing, recycling machinery and equipment, processing machinery and equipment, post-processing machinery, modification, decoration, printing and labeling machinery and equipment, welding machines, molds, auxiliary equipment, measurement, control and Test equipment, spare parts and components; raw materials and auxiliary materials; plastic and rubber products; logistics: material handling in the plastic and rubber industry; services in the plastic and rubber industry.

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