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Date: 11/03/2025 -  14/03/2025  (in 228 days)
Cycle: Annually
Location: Mexico City  Mexico
Location Time: (UTC -6:00)
Fair Organizer
Trade Show Factory, S.A. de C.V.
+52 (0)81 83334400
+52 (0)81 83462597
De los Tzenzontles #560 Col. San Jemo 64630 Monterrey, Mexico
Exhibition Details
Fair Introdution
PLASTIMAGEN Mexico is a communication platform for the plastics industry in Mexico and throughout Central and South America. It is recognized as the most comprehensive exhibition and trade fair for plastic machinery, equipment and materials in Mexico. The total area of the exhibition hall is 28,055 square meters, and the net exhibition area is 15,199 square meters; The exhibition has attracted visitors from Mexico, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, the United States, Canada, China, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Korea, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Taiwan, China, China, and China. More than 800 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions, including Turkey, and more than 60,000 professional visitors from 35 countries around the world visited the trade event. Market introduction: Mexico is located in the southern tip of North America, is one of the three North American free trade areas (the United States, Canada, Mexico), and the zero tariff policy between each other has laid a good foundation for the development of Mexico. In North America, which is mainly dominated by plastic packaging production, its plastic packaging product sales reached about $43 billion, accounting for 33% of the world's plastic market share, while in Mexico, the average annual growth rate of the market is close to 10%. Mexico produces 4.17 million tons of plastic. There are currently about 4,400 plastic companies in Mexico, which can process 5 million tons of plastic products per year. It is expected to grow by 9-10% annually over the next few years. About 43% of its plastic products are used for bottle or packaging purposes, while others are heavily used in packaging, construction, furniture, toys and agriculture. In addition, the production of plastics in the United States has been the first among countries for many years, and plastic products are also among the best. Texas and California alone rank second in the world. Due to Mexico's low cost advantage, many plastic processing enterprises in the above two states have moved to Mexico, which has played a role in the growth of the plastic industry in Mexico. At the same time, the structure of plastic products in Mexico has also changed greatly, high value-added products are increasing, and the demand for equipment has also changed. Among them, most of the small equipment, the injection molding machine is dominated by all-electric, intelligent, programming, automatic, high-speed models are popular, and special equipment for medical, consumer goods and silicon materials sells well
Product Groups
● Plastic machinery and equipment: injection molding machine, film blowing machine, plastic calender, hollow blow molding machine, plastic molding machine, plastic granulator, plastic extruder, plastic machine auxiliary machine, other plastic machinery, charging and recycling crusher, film wire drawing machine, foaming equipment ● Packaging machinery and materials: vacuum packaging machine, box pasting machine, bag making machine, filling, filling, sealing, sealing, labeling machinery, bundling machine, baler winding equipment, coding machine, coding machine, etc. Corrugated honeycomb board equipment, carton machinery, packaging materials ● Rubber and plastic processing equipment and quality testing equipment ● All kinds of plastic products, plastic films and rubber and plastic products ● Chemical raw materials, auxiliaries and auxiliary materials for rubber and plastic processing ● Molds and accessories for rubber and plastic processing

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